Issue #61

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The fall 2013 issue features two historically important ’32 Fords, one on each cover. The subscriber cover showcases the return of the Eastwood-Barakat Deuce Tudor, and the newsstand cover evokes pure nostalgia with the Doane Spencer Roadster from the significant car collection of Bruce Meyer.

Kandy-Kolored Metalflake State of Mind


Also included in this issue are images from the scrapbook of custom-paint icon Larry Watson, the resurrection of the Murray and Waters 555 “Triple Nickel” roadster, the storied history of the East Coast-based S&S Racing Team, hot rodder Greg Hopkins’ account of his cross-country road trip in a barn find roadster, and so much more.

Unfinished Business


The Eastwood-Barakat story is a tale of two friends, Pete Eastwood and Rick Barakat, with a passion for bare bones hot rods and nostalgia racing. We explore the impact the first Eastwood-Barakat Deuce Tudor had on the hot rodding world when it appeared in 1982, and the winding trail the car and its parts took after it was sold a year later. But at the heart of the story is Rick and Pete’s recent resurrection of their famous sedan, which combines tried and true hot rod components–Deuce rails, buggy springs, polished magnesium Halibrands, and a stout 360-inch smallblock Chevy–in a seriously fun street/strip contender. Some parts came from the original car, and the rest were found in junkyards, swap meets, and on the Internet and assembled with the help of Rick and Pete’s hot rodding buddies. Some of those friends, like Eric Vaughn and Bob Blum, even had a hand in the original car.

King of Deuces


In our feature on Bruce Meyer, we highlight the array of historically significant cars in Bruce’s carefully curated collection, paying particular attention to the Doane Spencer and Bob Morris Deuce roadsters. We explore how the Spencer roadster, which many consider the quintessential Deuce highboy, was the inspiration for his recent acquisition of the Bob Morris “Nickel” roadster.


We also take a look at Meyer’s recently completed garage in Beverly Hills, California, and the cars it houses like the famed So-Cal belly tank, the Pierson Brothers ’34 coupe and the Greer-Black-Prudhomme dragster. The building was originally constructed as a parking garage back in the 1920s and now artfully showcases Bruce’s hot rods as well as his collection of American classics and European sports cars. TRJ gives an exclusive and in depth look.

 The Triple Nickle


Dean Murray and Mike Waters made a name for themselves campaigning a slew of drag cars, including their bright blue number 555 “Triple Nickel” ’29 Model A. They raced the lightweight roadster in the mid-‘50s with flathead V8, GMC six-cylinder, and Chrysler Hemi power before hitting their stride with a brand new 265-inch smallblock Chevy. As a result, the Triple Nickel became one of the first successful Chevy V8-powered drag cars. We had the opportunity to photograph the competition roadster in our studio for a full feature. Murray, who is retired and resides in Paso Robles, California, sat down to talk with Pat Ganahl about the iconic hot rod, with its beautiful blue paint and Von Dutch-applied lettering and brightly painted sunflower dial grille cover. You won’t want to miss the history of this early smallblock-powered drag car and how it found its way back to original builder Dean Murray for a complete restoration.

Five-Ring Circus


Chuck Stolze began selling speed parts out of his Northern Virginia home in the late ‘50s under the S&S Parts Company name. Within a few years he had two storefronts and sponsored what would become one of the more successful and well-known racing teams of the ‘60s. Over an 11-year period, S&S Racing teammates Dave Hales, Fred Bear and Gene Altizer along with K.S. Pittman and nearly 20 other drivers powered their signature Matador Red Gassers, dragsters, and other racecars to 14 national event wins and over 25 national records. We bring to light the full history of the team, the speed shops, and the personalities involved. Included are dozens of historical images alongside new and unpublished photos of Dave Hales’ restored C/Gas ’37 Willys and teammate Fred Bear’s ’49 Anglia at 75-80 Dragway, which is among Maryland’s oldest drag strips and was one of the tracks frequented by the S&S team in the ’60s.

Back on the Road!


We chronicle hot rodder Greg Hopkins’ journey to retrieve a ‘50s-era hot rod that was liberated from a decades-long slumber in a Colorado barn. The flathead-powered roadster changed hands twice since it was first re-discovered, and the last owner before Greg gave it the mechanical “once over” but otherwise left the time-warp roadster untouched. Once the deal was done, Greg set out on a 1,700-mile solo maiden voyage back to his home in Dothan, Alabama, chronicling his travels over America’s back roads through artful photos of the car and its surroundings. Find out what history he’s uncovered and what plans he has for the barn find roadster in our full feature.