Rodder’s Journal #79

Check out TRJ #79! Not only is the issue loaded with the best traditional hot rods, customs and racecars from across the country, it’s also our second issue printed in the U.S.A. On our special edition “Black on Black” newsstand cover, we showcase Mike Johnston’s Ford-powered ’35 Ford. For the subscribers, we have a pair of ’60s-style Deuces that were built by their owners Don Lindfors and Dave Shuten.

Flipping through the issue’s 160-plus pages, you’ll find everything from a baremetal Deuce phaeton to Sacramento customizing history and a ’60s drag racing pictorial. On top of that, we take an in-depth look at Portland, Oregon’s first hot rod show and we talk hot rod art with Ed Tillrock: the Pencil Specialist. And that’s only scratching the surface.

With cars and features from cover to cover, TRJ #79 is a must-have for any diehard hot rod and custom car enthusiast.

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A Look Inside…

Dueling Deuces | By Joey Ukrop 

There’s nothing quite like a double feature, especially when the subjects are as wild as Dave Shuten’s Deuce sedan and Don Lindfors’ Deuce roadster pickup. After years of planning, both owner/builders have finally built their cars exactly how they envisioned them when they were kids. Dave’s sedan sports an original steel body, half-century old panel paint and a 4-71 blown smallblock, while Don’s Poppy Red RPU is a Brookville reproduction with an injected Boss 351 Cleveland. Both builders call Southern California home.

The Nor Cal Connection | By Curt Iseli

Even though customizing is a global phenomenon, a significant portion of its early history revolved around Sacramento, California. For “The Nor Cal Connection,” we traveled to the California Automobile Museum to explore their “Crafting a Rebellion” exhibit, which highlights a carefully curated collection of significant hot rods and customs. In our effort to pinpoint what made California’s capital city such a customizing hotbed, we spoke to Dick Bertolucci to get the full story. 

Stretching the Truth | By Curt Iseli 

Mike Johnston’s ’35 Ford is best described as outrageously subtle. Yes, it has a nasty 580-horsepower FE underneath the hood and yes, it’s capable of Funny Car-style burnouts, but beyond the smoke and the noise you’ll find one well-planned early Ford. Built by the East Coast Hot Rod Garage, the coupe has been sliced and diced more ways than we can fit in this caption. 

The Golden Years | By Joey Ukrop

In “The Golden Years,” we take a trip back to one of our favorite periods in drag racing history: the late-’60s. It was a time when Gassers, Altereds and Funny Cars roamed, and photographer Mike Ditty was there with camera in hand. We’re excited to share more than a dozen pages of these unforgettable machines in striking color.

The Tub That Never Was | By Curt Iseli

Ford never made a Tudor Deuce Phaeton, but that didn’t stop acclaimed designer Chip Foose from dreaming up the new “Phanton.” Manufactured by Brookville Roadster, only 32 of these bodies will be produced. We had the opportunity to shoot the prototype in our studio, and we have a feeling you’ll like what you see.

Speed Cycles of 1951 | By Albert Drake

There once was a time where there simply weren’t any hot rod shows in Portland, Oregon. Albert Drake was a teenager then, and he recalls the excitement of attending the city’s first hot rod show “Speed Cycles of 1951.” In this article, we get to view the show through his eyes and take in the details, from the cars and spectators to the vendors and the venue. 

The Ring of Fire | By Thom Taylor 

This chopped and flamed ’54 Chevy has been a long-term project for Southern California customizer Jack Fields. Inspired by Larry Watson’s eye-catching creations, Jack transformed the sedan from a run-of-the-mill stocker to the ’50s-style custom you see here. Talking points include the chopped top, mild shave, custom interior and those unmistakable seaweed flames. 

Ed Tillrock, Pencil Specialist | By Joey Ukrop

We’ve long been fans of Ed Tillrock’s photo-realistic pencil illustrations, and we’re excited to tell his story in “Ed Tillrock, Pencil Specialist.” In this exclusive artist profile, we dive into Ed’s background and discuss his influences as well as his technique. From dragsters and customs to highboys and airplanes, Ed brings a wide variety of motorized subjects to life in grayscale. 

Galpin Speed Shop | By Joey Ukrop

Beau Boeckmann and Dave Shuten’s Galpin Speed Shop isn’t like other speed shops. The walls are lined with wild and rare NOS parts, and the showroom is packed with historic hot rods and competition machines. But none of it is for sale—unless you commission Galpin to build you a car. We made the trip to Southern California to check it out and share our findings in our article “Galpin Speed Shop.”