Rodder’s Journal #75

This milestone issue is jam-packed cover to cover with the best cars and history from across the United States. On the newsstand cover we have Harry Luzader’s 1932 Ford Gasser—a five-window that we consider to be the quintessential Deuce drag car. For the subscribers, we showcase Dave Russell’s homebuilt 1931 Ford Victoria on location near Richmond, Virginia.

Inside, TRJ #75 covers just about every facet of our hobby. From Ed “Big Daddy” Roth’s flamed F-100 shop truck to a rod and custom pair from Fabian Valdez at Vintage Hammer Garage, there’s no shortage of traditional content. In addition to more photos, stories and extras, we’ve also included a commemorative 75th anniversary three-page foldout that you don’t want to miss

A Look Inside…

The Luzader Coupe | By Joey Ukrop

You would be hard pressed to find a Deuce drag car more iconic than Harry Luzader’s ’32 Ford five-window. Named one of the 75 most influential 1932 Ford hot rods of all time, the Arbor Green coupe was a dominant force in the Gas classes during the ’60s and ’70s and still resides in the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, area—not far from where it was built—under the stewardship of John Dominick. We’ve long been fans of the nose-up Deuce, and we’re glad we got to finally tell its full story in TRJ #75.

The Flame Job | By Curt Iseli

The tale of Ed “Big Daddy” Roth’s F-100 is a barnfind story for the ages. The truck was flamed when new, used, sold, forgotten, discovered and now faithfully restored by the team at Galpin Auto Sports. In this article, we not only dive into the truck’s saga—we also take a closer look at the intricacies such as the wild dash artwork recreated by acclaimed artist Robert Williams.

Good Design Stands the Test of Time | By Justin Fivella

One’s a rod, one’s a custom, and both traditional machines were built by Fabian Valdez at Vintage Hammer Garage in Riverside, California. Fabian first got his ’50 Chevy on the road in 1999 and it’s been a work-in-progress ever since. The ’34, owned by Tony “Motis” Avina, was just getting completed as we showed up for the photo shoot. Just like everything Fabian customizes, this pair is sleek, low and built to drive.

Driving Miss Vicky | By Joe Kress & Dave Russell

The term “homebuilt hot rod” certainly applies to Dave Russell’s Model A—a Hemi-powered Vicky that he planned and constructed in his suburban Virginia garage. Starting with a leatherback Victoria, Dave spent 11 years transforming the rusted hulk into the ’50s-style highboy you see here.

It’s the Cadillac of Deuces | By Gerry Burger

Ever thought about combining the best elements of mid-century Cadillacs with classic ’32 Ford sheetmetal? John Mumford of Portola Valley, California, has, and for his latest Deuce project he looked to Roy Brizio to create the “Cadillac of Deuces.” With its chopped top, dual-quad 331cid Cad engine, Eldorado interior and Maderia Maroon paint, there’s no doubt that it fully captures the Cadillac spirit with more than enough power to back it up.

Show & Go| By Joey Ukrop

In the opening part of this year, we assembled a trio of flathead-powered early Fords and made the trek across Northern California for the 67th Sacramento Autorama. This article focuses on not only the drive, but also some of our favorite rods and customs on display at the Cal Expo Center.

An Open Book | By Joey Ukrop

It’s been a few years since we published Scrapbook, and ever since the ink dried we’ve been itching to print a sequel. This issue we decided to share a small taste of what we have in store. Drags, Bonneville, indoor car shows, garage scenes, East Coast, West Coast, Midwest, you name it—it’s all here. We’re excited about this one, and we know you will be too.

The Older Restoration | By Curt Iseli

In the latest installment of TRJ Garages, we show one way how to transform a stock Model A into a full-fendered, early-style hot rod. Project highlights include new front and rear suspension, a modified frame and a dual-carbed flathead.

For Pete’s Sake | By Dave Wallace

Gigi Carleton served as Robert E. Petersen’s executive secretary from the late-’60s until he sold the company in 1996. In this exclusive interview, TRJ contributor Dave Wallace gets the inside scoop about the highs and lows from Gigi and discusses the new photo archive at the Petersen Museum in Los Angeles.

Celebrating 75 Issues of The Rodder’s Journal | By Joey Ukrop

Bonus Collector’s Gatefold! Although we may be biased, we think printing 75 issues of any quarterly publication is an accomplishment worth celebrating. As a result, we picked some of our favorite articles to highlight in this special edition three-page foldout.

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