We are rereleasing small quantities of long sold out Rodder’s Journal items including some the earliest and rarest issues of our magazine. We are calling this sale TRJ Swap Meet. The sale is pretty simple in nature, but it does seem to raise some questions. We will try to answer them here.

Where did this stuff come from?

As many of you know we have just completed a cross-country move from South San Francisco, California, to the Richmond, Virginia area. In the course of packing and then unpacking our 5000-plus square foot facility we ran across boxes of magazines and other items that in some cases we didn’t even know we had. We also have come to the realization that maybe we just don’t need all of the stuff that we have accumulated in the past 25 years. Much of this clutter made it to the dumpster before we left California. But we did find that we had a few more of the early issues and other items than it made sense to hold on to. We have now decided to release what we don’t need to our readership.

Are you charging market value for the early issues?

No, we really don’t want to speculate in our products. We know that the early issues in particular bring pretty good money on the secondary market. But it is not our goal to profit from this. We hope that offering these early issues allows a few readers to complete or at least improve their collections. We have priced the available TRJ #1-20s at $18.95 each and TRJ #21-78 at $15.99 each in our swap meet. And these products are eligible for the 20% discount in our SUMMER20 sale, just apply the code at checkout on our website or mention it if you place your order by phone. The previously sold out issues in our Swap Meet end up costing either $15.16 for the earliest issues and $12.79 for TRJ #21 and above.

Do these prices affect the cost of the rest of the TRJ back issues?

No, all of the rest of our back issues remain at $9.99 and they are eligible for the 20% discount of the SUMMER20 sale as well. The Swap Meet back issue prices apply only to the sold out items that we have uncovered in our move. They are a few dollars more than the standard back issues, but we think it is a really good deal for any sold out issues. Some of these literally bring ten times what we are charging on the secondary market.

Will you be adding more items to the TRJ Swap Meet?

Yes, we plan to dig out a few more things as we run across them. But really this is the bulk of what we have to offer.

Will you be offering any more of the early sold out back issues?

 We would never say never, but we really don’t think so. We have our magazine inventory pretty squared away at this point and really don’t think we will turn up any more TRJ sold out back issues.

Do you plan on reprinting the early issues?

We have no plans to at this point. It really boils down to economy of scale and we just don’t think reprinting the early issues is logistically or financially viable. We have had good success with Hardbound Collections, but we don’t have any plans to reprint any issues individually. At this time, we have no plans of reprinting any of the Hardbound collections either.

If I am trying to get one of the rare back issues is it best to call or to place an order online?

It doesn’t really matter, whatever you prefer. But these items are available on a first come first serve basis and some may sell out on the website first since it can be accessed 24 hours a day.

I like TRJ, but my goal isn’t to get a full collection. I am looking for information on specific cars and events. Can you tell me what issues have the stuff that I am looking for?

Again, the answer is yes and no. We often provide info about which issues feature specific cars and bits of hot rod and custom car history and we are happy to do so. But, it is very difficult to provide this info quick enough for you to get some of the rarer issues. We anticipate that quite a bit of this inventory is going to disappear pretty quickly. We have tried to provide fairly detailed info about what is in each issue. If you are collecting info on the Sam Barris Merc, The Kookie T, “Ohio George’s” Willys or a host of other famous and not so famous cars, events and personalities, the info found in the item descriptions here on our website should be helpful.

Are all of the items on in the TRJ Swap Meet new unused inventory?

Yes, but you do have to keep in mind that some of this stuff is literally 25 years old and may have minor “shelf ware”. If you get an item and you are not happy with its condition you can return it for a refund or exchange for another item. What we won’t do is send you another of the same exact item since they are all in approximately the same condition. Overall the back issues are in great shape since they have been in their original cartons since being printed.

Are both covers of every issue in the Swap Meet available?

No, some of the issues are only available in one version of the cover. The website will only sell the covers that are available. If you want to look at all of the cover versions of all the magazines

We have published we suggest you take a look at our cover gallery. Collector’s frequently tell us that this is a most helpful resource.

One more word about covers. In most cases the “A” cover is the one that went to subscribers and the “B” cover is the one that was sold on the newsstand and has a barcode. On issues TRJ #15-28 there were usually some “B” covers that were printed without the barcode. These are identical to the “B” covers with the barcode in every other way. We are now shipping barcode free covers whenever possible, on a first come first serve basis.

If you have further questions about the various covers and other questions concerning collectability feel free to email us at customerservice@roddersjournal.com.