We never seem to have enough room in print for all the cool images and stories we gather while working on each issue of The Rodder’s Journal, and TRJ #62 is no different. Fortunately there’s a place for them in our newsletter and here online. We mailed subscriber copies over a month ago, and it’s still currently on newsstands as well. If you’re not a subscriber, click here to become one today. You can also download our free mobile app and view #62 immediately with your paid digital subscription (TRJ #53 is currently available for free when you download the app).

Rodder's Journal Issue #63 - Outtake - Magic Muffler

What better way to kick off our Outtakes and Extras than with the “Magic Muffler” Fuel Altered, the TRJ #62 newsstand cover car. The blown Hemi and signature white zoomies look downright menacing poking out of the bare bones Fiat body.

Rodder's Journal Issue #62 Outtake Dave Lane Ford

The subscriber cover features George Poteet’s FastLane-built ’34 Ford three-window. Here builder Dave Lane is holding the pie-cut hood open to expose the Hilborn-injected nailhead and ’60s-style VHT White headers. The coupe is designed to run with or without hood sides, and it looks equally clean–and mean–either way.

Rodder's Journal Issue #62 - Panoramic Ford Shoebox

Designed as a modern take on Buster Litton’s classic chopped shoebox, the “New Panoramic Ford” was Swedish machinist Andreas Aberg’s first crack at building an American custom. The results are stunning. We particularly enjoyed hearing what it was like building this near-clone 50 years and 5,500 miles away from where the original was last seen. (Photo by Christer Ehrling)

Rodder's Journal Issue #62 Outtake Revival

Our 14-page TRJ Revival feature, penned by Gerry Burger, includes photography from Pimlico Race Course and all the daytime and evening cruises throughout the weekend. This shot from Pimlico shows Chad Folkema’s chopped ’30 Ford highboy coupe, which he drove from Dorr, Michigan. It’s powered by a ’46 Lincoln V-12 wedged behind the Deuce shell. In the background is Mike Young’s slammed ’48 Buick and Dale Grau’s well-traveled Minnesota-based Deuce roadster pickup.

Rodder's Journal Issue #62 outtake - Revival - Glymph 60 Thunderbird

Our Thursday evening Revival kick-off party in the waterfront neighborhood of Fells Point was a huge hit. The historic buildings, tree-lined streets, and early evening light were the perfect backdrop for the rods and customs on hand. Among them was Richard Glymph’s fantastic Watson-style ’60 T-bird.

Rodder's Journal Issue #62 Mike Ditty top Fueler

We could do an entire book on the images of photographer Mike Ditty. Here’s the Ramchargers’ Top Fueler in the pits at Irwindale probably around ’69–the year Leroy Goldstein drove the car to back-to-back wins at the AHRA Winternationals and Springnationals.

Rodder's Journal Issue #62 Skip Walls Phaeton

We photographed Lokar Performance Products owner Skip Walls’ Deuce phaeton in and around Lokar’s headquarters in Knoxville, Tennessee. Several people have asked about the black grille shell on the otherwise correctly restored Washington Blue body with Tacoma Cream pinstriping. “You know, I really don’t know why I left it that way,” Skip says. “Maybe I’ll paint it.”

Rodder's Journal Issue #62 Outtake

Skip’s been a hot rodder since before he could legally drive. His first hot rod was a ’32 Ford pickup, followed by this hopped up Deuce five-window that took him to and from high school in Southern California.

Rodder's Journal Issue #62 Tom Fritz Deuce Roadster

In Tom Fritz’s painting, “Mutterings, Musings, and Profanity,” the Deuce roadster with the flathead and the 2×2 hi-rise was based on a photo he shot of the Pete Henderson roadster at the 2007 GNRS. There’s not much more to the back-story–“It’s just a candid moment on the lake,” Tom says.

Rodder's Journal Issue #62 Magic Muffler Fiat

Jim Miles began construction on his Cal Auto fiberglass-bodied Magic Muffler Fiat after crashing the steel-bodied version just before Thanksgiving in 1964. He built the car entirely in his home garage in Southern California, and he’s seen here in the driveway prior to installing the blown Hemi.

Rodder's Journal Issue #62 Magic muffler Fiat

Jim still lives in the very same house today, and over 40 years later he posed with Bill Corbett’s recreated Magic Muffler Fuel Altered in the driveway. Jim did quite a bit of fabrication on Corbett’s chassis in the same garage where he built the original car.

Rodder's Journal Issue #62 Magic Muffler Fiat

With the ’glass body removed, you get a better sense of the scale of the massive Hemi motor, with its mile-high injectors and blower arrangement, in comparison with the stubby 96-inch wheelbase.

Rodder's Journal Issue #62 Revival

On the Friday before the Revival, we met mid-morning for a cruise through rural Maryland to the waterfront town of Havre de Grace. Among the 100+ rods and customs along for the ride were Gabe Brian Devenyi’s Deuce five-window from Ontario, Canada, and Virginia hot rodder Jack Fuller’s era-perfect Deuce roadster.