John Jackson photographed Clyde Wooten's Watson-style '58 Pontiac mild custom near Clyde's Portland home for issue #68.

John Jackson photographed Clyde Wooten’s ’58 Pontiac mild custom near Clyde’s Portland home for issue #68.

Rodder’s Journal #68 is heading to subscribers in the next week, and we’re excited to have a pair of features shot by John Jackson of Not Stock Photography. First he photographed Clyde Wooten’s Watson-style, ’58 Pontiac on location in Portland, Oregon, and later Derrick Pesko’s ’50s style chopped and fenderless Model A sedan 3,000 miles away in Connecticut. Earlier today he posted about the shoots on his blog, which you can see here. Check out TRJ #68 for full features on both the Pontiac and the A.

John traveled to Waterford, Connecticut, to shoot Derrick Pesko’s traditional ’28 Model A Tudor.