The wait is over—we’ve hand picked the winners of our Great Big TRJ Holiday Giveaway! Last month, we teamed up with our sponsors to give away a long list of hot rod and custom car parts.

To put things simply, we were overwhelmed with the response. Throughout the month of December, we received more than 3,000 entries via Instagram, Facebook and email.We were impressed with the quality and quantity of your submissions, and now that the dust has settled, we’re excited to present you with our 25 winners.

Before we announce them, we would like to thank our sponsors who graciously donated their products. They are: Powermaster Performance, Jon Wright’s CustomChrome Plating, Lokar Inc., Classic Instruments, Ross Racing Engines, Johnson’s Hot Rod Shop, United Pacific, Winters Performance, Pete & Jake’s, Art Morrison, Jamco Parts, Vintage Air, Amsoil, Coker Tire, Mallory Ignition, ARP Bolts, Brookville Roadster, Mooneyes, Holley, PPG, Wheel Vintiques and Specialty Motor Cams.

Later this week, we’ll announce the 25 TRJ gift certificate winners as well as the lucky subscriber who won a complete set of Rodder’s Journals. We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who participated in what was undoubtedly our biggest contest to date. We thoroughly enjoyed seeing your finished cars as well as projects under construction; we can’t wait to see you out on the road in 2018.

Jeff Bloedorn of Stillwater, Minnesota, is the winner of the United Pacific Under-Decklid Replacement panel for his chopped and channeled ’32 Ford five-window. The all-steel coupe is shaping up to be period perfect with its early Cad motor complete with 4×2 intake.

Nick Auxier-Stone of Mount Sterling, Kentucky, built his Model A sedan in early hot rod style. Underneath the patina’d Ford sheetmetal, the Tudor has been completely reworked and now features an Offy-equipped flathead. Nick is the winner of the Johnson’s Hot Rod Shop Quick-Release Gas Cap.

Daniel Sv of Melbourne, Australia, is building a tall T sedan ’60s show rod style, and this Latham-blown Oldsmobile is the centerpiece. Now it’ll be bulletproof thanks to $750 worth of new hardware from ARP Bolts.

Jason Barrett of Sacramento, California, is the winner of the Art Morrison Universal Motor Mount Crossmember. Currently, the ’54 Ford Skyliner’s smallblock is bolted in via an old Hurst motor mount plate.

Glenn Jensen of Chicago, Illinois, built his ’57 Chevy 210 Handyman wagon to cruise. As the winner of the PPG Prize Package, he’ll be able to deck out its parking space with cool signs, stools and other limited edition PPG memorabilia.

With its metallic green paint, ground-hugging stance, Astro Supremes and narrow whitewalls, James Ernest Griffin’s Sacramento, California-based ’66 Ford Galaxie nails the late-’60s look. Now he’ll be ready for plenty more miles with a new distributor, coil and plug wires from Mallory.

Inspired by Fuel Coupes of the ’60s, Sam Lytle’s ’34 Ford five-window is shaping up to be a real terror. From the 406cid Dart smallblock with 14-71 supercharger to the aggressive chop, the Rock Island, Washington-based coupe has plenty of attitude. With a $1,000 gift certificate to Jon Wright’s CustomChrome Plating, this father-son project will have plenty of “show” to back up the “go.”

Dave Wright of Poole, Dorset in England is the winner of the Mooneyes Metalflake finger grip steering wheel. His ’59 Chevy El Camino has been treated to a wealth of mild-custom touches, from the shaved emblems and handles to the Mercury grille and Gene Winfield paint job.

Doug Grau of Westlake, Ohio, has his all-steel Model A pickup sitting just right—and now he’s going to be able to shift his project into high gear with a new shifter from Lokar. We like our phone booths sitting low and heavily raked, don’t you?

Ray Benson’s Connecticut-based ’57 Oldsmobile has a whole lot of mild-custom flair, and now it’ll be charging better than ever with a Powermaster PowerGEN. Lakes pipes, Lancer wheelcovers and a mild shave add Atomic Age flavor.

A couple years ago, Barry Klassen of Calgary, Alberta, set off on an epic solo road trip across the western states with his chopped Model A Tudor and teardrop camper. He encountered obstacles of all kinds, including snow, ice and this particular tornado. A $150 gift certificate to Wheel Vintiques will help keep his rig on the road for many trips to come. Think this is Photoshopped? Check out the video here and the entire road trip story here.

Smoke ’em if you got ’em! With burnouts like this, Sheldon Hefler of Westlake, Louisiana, is the winner of the $200 Coker Tire gift certificate. The flathead-powered Deuce gets driven all over, and it’s also capable of 14-second e.t.’s at the drags.

Duncan Tamplin’s ’51 Chevy Styline DeLuxe is well on its way to becoming an ultra clean mild custom. Thanks to a full lowering kit from Jamco, the West Sussex, England-based Stovebolt will have the stance to match.

“After 300,000 miles over the last 27 years without A/C, it’s time,” says Duncan Cox of Pea Ridge, Arkansas. We agree, and now Duncan will be able to keep things cool inside his low-riding ’56 Chevy Nomad with a Gen II Compac Heat/Cool/Defrost evaporator kit, dash controls and louvers from Vintage Air.

Mel Lawyer of Taylorville, Illinois, is deep into his Model A project, and we think a new ’32 Ford grille shell from Brookville will be an excellent addition. The coupe features a healthy chop and four-banger power.

William Connors of New Durham, New Hampshire, is putting together a traditional
A-V8, and now he’ll be able to finish out the interior with a Deuce dash from Brookville Roadster. The car will run a chopped ’30 Model A coupe body.

Marshfield, Massachusetts, hot rodder Bill Carver hit some hard luck in his A-V8 a few summers ago, but hopefully a new grille shell from Brookville can make things better. The car runs an Edelbrock-equipped flathead with a pair of Strombergs.

Justin Fruchterman of Pittsfield, Massachusetts, gets a jump-start on reworking his 371cid J2 Olds for his ’40 Ford DeLuxe with a $1,000 gift certificate to Ross Racing Engines. The coupe is a pure-’60s time capsule with its metallic green paint, tinted windows, single rib Raders and white accents throughout.

“I’ve been running the roadster without any shocks for 12 years,” says Tyrell Pennington of Anchorage, Alaska. “Would be pretty nice to finally have some shocks!” Ask and ye shall receive—Tyrell is getting a new set of Specialty Motor Cams Houdaille shocks for his flathead-powered ’30 Ford Model A roadster.

Josh Wilczynski of Mount Holly, New Jersey, is just about finished with his Model A roadster—and thanks to Classic Instruments he’ll be getting a dash full of Rodder’s Journal gauges. The traditional A-V8 features a flathead with Evans heads and a quartet of Strombergs.

Mission, Texas hot rodder Felix Tello is hard at work on his smallblock-powered Model A coupe, and a case of Amsoil Z-Rod will help him get it on the road. The satin blue coupe features a Deuce frame, dropped front axle and upholstery from the late-’50s.

Although Darrell Fletcher’s ’34 Ford is currently riding high, it’ll be coming down to earth soon thanks to a four-inch dropped Super Bell axle from Pete & Jake’s. “I’m striving for a car that could/would have been built in the early/mid-’60s,” he says. “I have a Chevy 283, bored to 301cid. The trans is a Borg-Warner T-10 four speed. The rear is a narrowed ’59 Pontiac with Summers Bros. axles.”

Surrey, British Columbia, hot rodder Jim Arsenault is the winner of the Johnson’s Hot Rod Shop Low Boy Shock/Headlight Mounts. The sleek lines of the investment-cast, stainless steel pieces will be perfect for the nose of the Hemi-powered A-V8.

Nicholas Robert Semeniuk is rebuilding his banger-powered Model A, and now he can give it some ’32 Ford flavor with a Deuce dash from Brookville Roadster. Nicholas calls Oshawa, Ontario, home.

With its chopped windshield, nose-in-the-weeds stance and massive Firestone dirt trackers out back, Andy Pack’s Deuce roadster screams “hot rod!” Now the Monticello, Indiana-based ’32 will get even meaner with a Winters quickchange rear. This $250 gift certificate is good towards the purchase of a polished V8 quickchange with Winters’ early Ford-style tapered steel axle bells.