Issue #57

Rodder's Journal Issue #57 Cover A

Rodder's Journal Issue #57 Cover B

While we always strive to showcase a mix of historic and newly-constructed hot rods and customs, in issue #57 we were lucky to be able to photograph two features that actually combine the two. One is a faithful recreation of a legendary hot rod, and the other is a recently completed custom built in the spirit of another well known competition taildragger from the ‘50s. Here’s a look at those and some of the other highlights from TRJ issue #57.

Remington’s Modified

Rodder's Journal Issue #57 Remington Modified

We’re particularly excited to feature the recreated Phil Remington Modified on this issue’s subscriber cover. Remington’s contributions to hot rodding and competitive motorsports are monumental, and the Modified he began building over 70 years ago embodies the ingenuity and craftsmanship he became known for. The original is long gone, but Michigan hot rodder, Dan Webb, has once again teamed up with master craftsman, Craig Naff, to recreate this piece of hot rodding history.

The Root Beer Coupe

Rodder's Journal Issue #57 1932 Ford Coupe

The newsstand cover features Steve Kormondy’s low-down and bad ’32 Ford three-window coupe built by Oklahoma’s Hot Rod Garage. Its 600-horsepower Z-11 409 easily keeps the slicks smoking, yet somehow the heavily hammered, full-fendered “Rootbeer Coupe” strikes a balance between refined show car and gnarly hot rod.

TRJ Revival

Rodder's Journal Issue #57 TRJ Revival

In this issue’s show coverage, we tell you a little more about the event itself and the back story that brought us to Baltimore, Maryland’s historic Pimlico Race Course for the show. And we’ve got 20 pages of the hot rods, customs, and vintage racecars shot during the main event at Pimlico, at our pre-show twilight photo session, and in downtown Baltimore.

Bonneville Boomers

Rodder's Journal Issue #57 1940 Ford Bonneville

Bonneville veteran, Jim Ireland, returned to the salt in his 1940 Ford custom with TRJ Senior Contributing Writer, Jay Fitzhugh, in tow. Jim built the coupe as a tribute to Don Richardson’s “Bonneville Boomer”, the full custom ’39 Ford Doug Rice built and raced at Bonneville and various drags in the early-‘50s. The two cars were united at the entrance to the speedway during this year’s Speed Week, where Peter Vincent shot them for our feature.

My Blue Heaven

Rodder's Journal Issue #57 Ford Model A Roadster

You may know the name Bill Burnham. He was a founder of the Danville Dukes, penned a popular column in Street Rodder throughout the ‘80s and early-‘90s, and was generally the life of the party at rod runs from coast to coast until his untimely passing in 1996. He was also an advocate for driving the wheels off of hot rods, and he put over 150,000 miles on his 390 Ford-powered Model A roadster. Over the last fifteen years, the highboy has been cared for and kept on the road by Bill’s son-in-law, Harry Daviess. Now Harry has handed the keys over to his son, Daniel. Our feature explores the life and times of one of the biggest characters our hobby has ever had the pleasure of knowing and the hot rod roadster he called “Ol’ Blue”.

E. Black Designs

Rodder's Journal Issue #57 Eric Black Artwork

Our Artist Profile this issue focuses on the work of Pacific Northwest designer, Eric Black. He’s a relative newcomer to the hot rodding world, though his drawings have become reality at the hands of some well-known names in the hot rod world. Tackling everything from standard hot rod fare to some pretty far-out phantoms, his work blurs the lines between automotive concept design, mechanical drawing, and fine art.

Outtakes: Lost Photos from the Lost Hot Rods II Book

Rodder's Journal Issue #57 Lost Hot Rods

You may have already read Pat Ganahl’s Lost Hot Rods II, his recently released hardbound follow up to the first installment, published in 2010. In issue #57, we bring you some of our favorite outtakes from the new book, including Dave Cunningham’s heavily channeled ’40 Ford sedan, Frank Hernandez’s full custom ’40 Merc, and Lupe Serrato’s absolutely gorgeous Titian Red full-fendered Deuce sedan.


Also included in this issue is a complete history of Bell Auto Parts and Cragar Equipment Company. It’s interesting that both the Bell and Cragar names have roots in the very earliest days of Southern California hot rodding, yet still play an active and significant roll in motorsports today.