Issue #51

Rodder's Journal Issue #51 Cover A

Rodder's Journal Issue #51 Cover B

The subscriber cover of The Rodder’s Journal issue #51 features George Poteet’s 1934 Ford pickup built by The Hot Rod Garage in Denton, Maryland. The “Moody Blue” is shown on the newsstand cover of issue #51 in its current state, after sitting for almost 40 years since it was parked in 1972.

Poteet’s Pickup

Rodder's Journal Issue #51 George Poteet 1934 Ford Pickup

Barn Find Blues

Rodder's Journal Issue #51 Hutchison and Hope Moody Blue 1934 Ford Coupe Race Car Barn Find

Resurrected Roadster

Rodder's Journal Issue #51 Crawford Stoner Channeled Dry Lakes Deuce Roadster

Several months before the first issue of Hot Rod magazine was published, Look magazine, a popular general interest publication, featured a four-page article on two young hot rodders and their ’32 Ford roadster titled, “Hot-Rod Racing in California.” Ken Crawford and Jerry Stroner were the young men in that article. Their roadster was chosen for the article at the recommendation of Wally Parks, President of the Road Runners car club at the time. Ken and Jerry built the roadster in 1946, ran it in 1947, but by 1948 their partnership had ended and they sold the roadster. It went through several owners before ending up with Chuck Longley. Chuck and his son, Mike, began the restoration in ’08. This issue details their experience as well as the rich history of this car that, in some ways, introduced hot-rodding to mainstream America in 1947.

On the Line

Rodder's Journal Issue #51 Jim Cooper Vintage Drag Racing Photography

We ran the first part of Jim Cooper’s photography portfolio of drag racing’s golden age in Rodder’s Journal issue #50. Part II of the Cooper portfolio is featured in TRJ issue #51. These images capture the excitement of the track and include some of the biggest cars and drivers in drag racing history such as Tommy Ivo and the Barnstormer, Roland Leong and the Hawaiian, and “Jeep” Hampshire and the Red Stamp Special.

The Cromling Coupe

Rodder's Journal Issue #51 Cromling Flamed 1940 Ford Coup

Bill Cromling bought his ’40 Ford Deluxe Opera Coupe in 1972 in Dayton, Ohio. From then until about 2002, other hot rod and muscle car projects kept his focus from the ’40. When he was ready he turned to Doug Jerger to help bring his many ideas for the coupe to life including a drastic change to the coupe’s profile. Bill’s ideal ’40 Ford included replacing the front sheet metal with ’39 accoutrements including the hood, grille, headlights, and side trim. All of these design elements are described in detail in Rodder’s Journal issue #51.

Marcia Campbell

Rodder's Journal Issue #51 Marcia Campbell Vintage Custom Car Photographer

Marcia Campbell is one of customizing’s earliest photographers. Her work was seen in early issues of Hop Up, Motor Trend, Rod & Custom as well as the Dan Post custom books from the late ’40s through mid ’50s. In Rodder’s Journal issue #51 we show some of her most well known photos along with never-before-published shots. Her story is one of passion for cars and photography, and we have it in detail in this issue.

A Day in the Sun

Rodder's Journal Issue #51 Vintage Hot Rod and Custom Car Shows

The Enigma

Rodder's Journal Issue #51 Du Vall Windshield 1934 Full Fendered Roadster


Rodder's Journal Issue #51 1954 Chevy Custom