Parts Is Parts

In every issue of The Rodder’s Journal, we take a closer look at the components and processes that bring hot rods and custom cars to life. Through the years we’ve written about everything from quickchanges to chrome plating, as well as the people that make it all happen.

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TRJ #69: Let It Ride: Marrying Stance and Performance with Art Morrison Enterprises




TRJ #68: Evolution of Power: Building a Potent Street Performer a Little at a Time




TRJ #66: Beyond Nuts and Bolts: ARP and the Art of the Fastener




TRJ #65: Rubber Revival: Coker’s Dirt Trackers and Bias-Look Radials Have You Period Correct From the 40s Through the 70s




TRJ #63: Top of the Line: Sid Chavers’ Removable Roadster Tops




TRJ #62: Waterborne Identity: PPG and the Evolution of Automotive Finishes




TRJ #61: Period Perfect: Modern Offerings for ’50s and ’60s-Era Rods and Customs




TRJ #60: Speed Shop: So-Cal Sacramento & SF Flatheads Ultimate Hot Rod Emporium


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TRJ #59: Johnson’s Kinmonts: A New Take on Vintage Styling for Modern Brakers


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TRJ #58: Rocket Racings and E-T Wheels: Where Nostalgia is King


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TRJ #57: Self-Made Speed: The History of Cragar and Bell Auto Parts


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TRJ #54: Powermaster: Masters of Disguise


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TRJ #53: Dynamat: A Sound Foundation


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TRJ #52: Vintage Air


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TRJ #50: Chrome Plating