Introducing Rodder’s Journal #73!



We’re excited to announce that the freshly printed Rodder’s Journal #73 will be heading to subscribers in the next week or so. This issue, both the subscriber and newsstand covers feature a supercharged, 525-horsepower 1957 Oldsmobile engine photographed in our studio. On the back cover, we showcase the “Long Beach Legend” 1936 Ford roadster. (Even though both covers feature the blown Olds engine, the subscriber cover—cover A—comes without a barcode or blurbs for a slightly cleaner look.)

Inside, TRJ #73 is loaded with hot rods, customs and stories from coast-to-coast and beyond. In fact, we photographed cars everywhere from the Great Smoky Mountains of Tennessee to the Hawaiian island of Lanai. From a chopped, big block Chevy-powered ’33 Ford to an East Coast custom survivor, there’s no shortage of exciting material dating back more than half a century. Gassers, roadsters, reliability runs, artist profiles, you name it—you’ll find it all in the newest Rodder’s Journal.

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e4cd4b83-4c88-45e8-8bec-249b2cb75f24The Illusionist

Hollywood Hot Rods Builds the ’36 Ford that Never Was

By Curt Iseli


The Trompers Put a 70-Year-Old RPU Back on the Street

By Joey Ukrop

011c9edf-5e84-4400-964a-6476c1fc743dHatch’s Coupe

Big Block-Powered, Chopped ’33 Five-Window with East Coast History

By Gerry Berger

ec0f925f-d646-421d-a6f6-9395b667c35bOne for the Diehards

Gary Minor’s Chopped ’50 Chevy Survivor

By Joe Kress

e83f8e1e-375d-4cad-ae03-4e5b5f931e26Pit Pass Polaroids

Ramchargers, Gassers, and a Kid with a Camera

By Joey Ukrop

fdc1037a-85b9-4378-8d26-f9f23712be98Drawing the Line

The Hot Rod and Custom Art of a Detroit Auto Designer

By Curt Iseli

dedd3819-a96b-49b6-aabc-daa5b0b7ef21Power to the People

A New Generation of Vintage Speed Equipment

By Curt Iseli

e252de67-8696-49c5-a58d-ee05a3f5bd8cHot Rods & Rock ‘N’ Roll

Jeff Beck’s Cars and Guitars in a New Hardbound Book

By Joey Ukrop

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