Look Inside Rodder’s Journal #72!




Every issue we work to push the proverbial envelope, and for TRJ #72, we took things to a whole new level. How so? For our newsstand cover, we set up a car-mounted camera to capture Don “The Snake” Prudhomme smoking the tires in his freshly restored “Shelby Super Snake” Top Fuel dragster. On the subscriber cover we have an overhead studio shot of Mike Young’s Cad-powered ’33 Ford built by longtime customizer Lee Pratt.


Inside, we have the tale of Wayne Henderson’s timeless Deuce Vicky, a Midwestern ’32 Ford five-window Gasser, a pair of customs from both coasts and a special-edition Super Snake foldout. And that’s just a taste of what’s included in TRJ #72’s 170+ pages. From panel paint to headlight history, this issue has it all.

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Shelby Super Snake

Don Prudhomme Restores His Record-Setting, SOHC-Powered Fuel Dragster

By Joey Ukrop


Panel Perfect

Fogged, Faded and Paneled Bellflower-Style Chevy Custom

By Joe Kress


Victorian Elegance

Wayne Henderson’s Deuce Vicky: The Ultimate Resto-Rod

By Gerry Berger


The E&J Type 20

A Close Look Inside the Rare and Innovative E&J Headlights

By Jay G. Fitzhugh


The Custom Coupe

Mike Young’s Chopped, Chromed, and Cadillac-Powered ’33 Ford Highboy Coupe

By Curt Iseli

Elapsed Time

Ray Tognarelli’s Midwest Drag Racing Exploits

By Gerry Berger


Bronze Star

The Resurrection of Slick Patterson’s Chopped ’39 Ford Convertible

By Ken Gross

Coker Tire