TRJ #70 Out Now!


We’re excited to announce TRJ #70 is now available, and it’s one of our favorite issues we’ve ever printed. It covers everything from historic and in-progress hot rods to the saga of a long-lost Barris custom. For the newsstand cover, we photographed Mickey Himsl’s freshly refurbished ’29 Model A pickup that he originally built when he was 15 years old. Subscribers are treated to a head-on shot of Dave and Deana Thomas’ Pennsylvania-based ’35 Chevy in baremetal. In the new issue, we also have a tour of TRJ garages, a survivor Moonshine runner, a northern California drag racing retrospective, a canyon-carving ’50 Ford, a profile on famed cutaway artist David Kimble and much more.

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Mickey’s Mouse

Mickey Himsl’s ’29 Ford Pickup

By Pat Ganahl


The Rodder’s Journal Garage

Our Shops, Workshops & Projects

By TRJ Staff


The Anti-Depression Standard

Dave Thomas’ ’35 Chevy Standard Coupe

By Rob Fortier & Curt Iseli


The Man Behind the Cutaway

The Cutaway Art of David Kimble

By Joey Ukrop


The Sleeper

A Surprisingly Subtle ’50 Ford Coupe

By Joe Kress


Donuts and Diggers

Untold History of Half Moon Bay Drag Strip

By Pat Ganahl


Still Runnin’

Moonshine-Hauling ’39 Ford Coupe Discovered

By Gerry Burger


Kustom Klone

Barris Kustom History and the Kopper Kart Clone

By Curt Iseli

Coker Tire